B&J Electric of Poland, Inc. proudly employs locally certified electricians who have completed the U.S. Department of Labor Certified Apprenticeship Program in the Electrical Trade. If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career in the electrical trade, you can apply for the electrician apprenticeship program through the Western Reserve Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors.

The program consists of a combination of classroom training and on-the-job training. All apprentices are required to attend a minimum of 144 hours of trade-related classes each year during a four-year period.

Prior to apprenticeship, applicants must complete a day of interviews and proficiency testing. The three-hour process includes math and general knowledge testing. On the day of testing, applicants must:

  • Produce two forms of valid identification (birth certificate, military ID, driver’s license)
  • Be 18 years old by the start of the school year
  • Produce transcripts and proof of graduation from high school, college or technical training
  • Provide a non-refundable application fee of $25, which may be paid by money order, personal check, or cash. Returned checks will be billed a charge of $35

Applicants are encouraged to refresh their reading comprehension and math skills prior to taking the test. A basic calculator is needed to take the test. Cell phones are not permitted during the test. No additional study materials will be provided prior to taking the test.

Participation in the testing and interview process does not guarantee admission to the electrician apprenticeship program, nor an offer of employment from B&J Electric of Poland, Inc.

Check back often for announcements of the next testing time, or visit www.iecwesternreserve.com.

B&J Electric of Poland, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer that hires electricians on the basis of qualifications, and without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, or sex.

Chris Ilovsky
Chris Ilovsky completes IEC Apprenticeship

Congratulations to Chris Ilovsky, for graduating from the IEC Apprenticeship program.

Gene Mock
Gene Mock completes IEC Apprenticeship

Gene completed over 8,000 hours of classwork and on-the-job training to graduate from the IEC Apprenticeship program.