High-voltage power distribution refers to power voltage of 600 volts and higher. Power is distributed either underground or overhead using 15,000-volt lines, substations, poles, switchgear, transformers and power distribution equipment.

B&J Electric of Poland prides itself on maintaining a high level of safety with all high-voltage projects and related services, and has proudly served many cities and townships in the Mahoning Valley. Our certified electricians are experienced in working in and around underground vaults and duct banks, as well as confined spaces, and working with the electrical hazards associated with high-voltage work.

IMG_0602As one of the area’s best-trained high-voltage electrical contractors, we ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently, and without costly rework.

Work includes:

  • Setting foundations
  • Erecting poles
  • Wire and conductor installation
  • Substation installation
  • Bucket truck/auger truck
  • High-voltage cable splicing
  • Food equipment hookups, single and three phase, 240 and 480 volts
  • Electrical testing: High potential (hipot), locator, ground resistance, power quality
  • Logistics